Say it ain’t so Senator Newell, surely you read us every chance you get!  But if that’s the case, how can you be celebrating such nonsense we debunked yesterday?

To catch you up, PeakNation™ Senator Linda Newell was so excited to finally (FINALLY!) have some good news to tweet about the Udall-enabled Obamacare that she didn’t read the fine print.

The “big” news from Associated Press is that the uninsured rate in America had dropped 1.2 percentage points to 16.1%.  This little nugget happened to be buried yesterday in a story that ran on rating agency Moody’s downgrading the entire health industry specifically because of Obamacare.

As we pointed out briefly in yesterday’s article that drop to 16.1% is still above the 15.4% who were uninsured in 2008 (or 14.9% if we want to go with the Census Bureau’s numbers).

What makes this 16.1% even worse is that one of the most notorious groups known for being uninsured, the young and healthy, have seen their rate decline because Obamacare’s mandate allowing anyone under the age of 26 to remain on their parents’ insurance.

So even after taking the easy money off the table, why does Obamacare and Democrats still have a worse uninsured rate than before they set out to “fix” it?  Guess that’d be the Trillion(!) dollar question.

Future tweets by Senator Newell will celebrate the pleasing new arrangement of deck chairs on the Titanic (rumor has it, the new feng shui strategery really inserted some positive energy).