UPDATE: The Colorado Observer D.C. Bureau Chief Mark Stricherz shared intel on Twitter following Udall’s terrible CNN performance:



Perhaps the biggest Colorado news out of the President’s State of the Union address wasn’t what came out of the President’s mouth (although, more on that later), but what didn’t come out of liberal U.S. Senator Mark Udall’s mouth.  A commitment.  To campaigning with the President in Colorado.  In fact, CNN‘s Dana Bash pointedly asked Udall, first, if he thought Obama was a liability (he refused to answer the question) and, then, three times whether he’d campaign with the President in the Centennial State.  Four times he evaded the questioning.  Well, that’s awkward.  What’s wrong?  Is Udall afraid the President’s presence will remind Coloradans of Udall’s disastrous Obamacare votes?

Here’s Bash as close to grilling as she gets with liberals: