PeakNation™, we know you hold us in high regard…think of us as purveyors of honesty, crusaders of truth.  Yet, hard as it is to believe, we, too, make mistakes.  So, let us be the first to say we are sorry.

What are we sorry for?  When Democratic Candidate for Colorado Attorney General Don Quick came out last week saying Colorado’s current Attorney General should no longer enforce a law that is still constitutional (apparently, Quick does not know how to read Supreme Court rulings), we thought he was announcing his desire to run as a legislator so he could make new laws.

We were wrong.  As far as we can tell from the ad below, as he talks about saving Colorado through schools and Boys and Girls Clubs, we have to believe he is now set on running for school board.  He does know that Colorado’s Attorney General doesn’t build schools, right…?

“The question is, are we going to invest in our kids and families?  …[W]e put our efforts into keeping our kids in school… as your Attorney General School Board Member, I’ll see to it that we do it in communities across the state of Colorado.” [light Peak editing]

Legislator last week, school board member this week, who’s ready to start a pool to see what Don Quick wants to run for next week?