Don Quick, the Democrat candidate for attorney general, has been running a campaign on gay marriage and playgrounds, and it’s starting to get on our nerves.  It is high time the mainstream media starts asking him a tough question or two or five, so voters can make an informed decision before Election Day.

Republican candidate Cynthia Coffman has clearly laid out her positions on everything from healthcare and gun rights to fighting unconstitutional actions by local jurisdictions.  This stuff matters to everyday Coloradans, and it’s important for the candidates vying to replace current AG John Suthers to address these issues.

Since it’s a slow time of year for political news, we figure there are a few political reporters looking for something to cover other than the possibility of a special session.  So here you go, guys.  A few questions you can ask Mr. Quick that should make for an interesting story:

  1. Do you support Gov. Hickenlooper’s decision to sue the city of Longmont over its fracking ban?
  2. Would you defend Colorado’s Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights in court?
  3.  Who is better suited to protect Colorado’s environment: the state or the EPA?
  4. Do you support the Governor’s pardon of convicted killer Nathan Dunlap?
  5. As attorney general, what would you do to protect Coloradans’ 2nd Amendment rights?