Cliff Smedley, activist, was escorted out of the meeting

Wednesday’s public hearing about the Colorado Department of Transportation’s contract to privatize US-36 (also known as FASTER) turned ugly as three people had to be forcefully removed from the room.  The lack of transparency around this issue is stunning and the faux outrage of Democrats is hilarious. Again, this clown show has been brought to you by the Democrats who wrote, sponsored, and passed this bill, the Democratic Governor who signed it, and the Democratic Governor (that’s Hickenlooper for you folks at home) who implemented it.

So let’s enjoy some rubbernecking at the car wreck this has become (hat-tip to Brandon Rittiman and Eli Stokols to keeping us thoroughly entertained throughout the afternoon with the twitter play-by-play):

Brandon Rittiman had this delightful tweet:

Does this mean we now have to teach US-36 about good touch/bad touch?

While this guy turned the meeting into a ‘PG-13’ affair:

Which quickly escalated to an ‘R’ rating:

CDOT responded to her, “but tell us how you really feel.”

Meanwhile the airing of grievances turned back to Goldman Sachs:

Yikes.  This could get awkward real quick if that is true.  Let’s take a cursory look at all who might be traitors to America then: Bill Clinton, Warren Buffett, Michael Bennet, Mark Udall, Solar Panel producer Amonix, John Hickenlooper.

Our very own Politifact Peak Lie Machine has determined this woman’s claim is True.

Let’s end this circus by enjoying video of the the protesters being escorted out. (courtesy of The Denver Channel)

“Come at me brah! I was in the National Guard.” – Cliff Smedley