Dear Owen,

Let us first say that we think you’re awesome.  We’ve watched your short career in the State Legislature with great anticipation, and we’ve been excited about what the future holds for you.  Until the past two days.  Buddy, we have to be honest with you, you aren’t handling this well, and we really want your star to continue to rise.

Elections are about finding the best candidate for the job.  Like we said, you have a lot going for you, and you’re definitely a rising star, but we’re not sure you’re ready for a seat in the U.S. Senate.  And, it’s not because of who you are – who you are is great.  It’s because, at this moment, we think you need a little more experience, and a little more gravitas. You just need a little more seasoning.  We want to see you be successful in the State Senate and produce a track record of accomplishment.  Other opportunities will arise, but this is the wrong time for you.

That said, there are two ways you could handle this. You could swallow your disappointment and be a happy warrior, as President Ronald Reagan suggested.  Or, you could wage a bitter and divisive campaign with no chance of victory against a clear frontrunner.

We cannot imagine how disappointed Rep. Amy Stephens must be – she’s been in the legislature for six more years than you have – and, yet, she’s taken the high road.  She’s decided to bow out gracefully and her status in the GOP will certainly take a positive bump because of her decision to be selfless.  That could be you, too.

And what about Ken Buck?  There’s a guy who really put winning the seat ahead of personal ambition.  He practically gushed class by stepping aside to let the biggest dog go into the fight against Mark Udall.

Let us be blunt, Owen. You are better than this.  We expect more of you.  You should use this circumstance to grow and improve and prepare for the next fight, not dissolve into a sniveling baby on the fringe of the party.  This is your decision – and yours alone.  But, we hope you’ll ignore the din of the consultant class telling you what your bruised ego wants to hear.  Your legacy is on the line – do you want to be remembered as the sore loser or the selfless leader who subordinated his own desires for the good of his constituents?

Your choice.  Choose wisely.

In friendship,

Colorado Peak Politics