The Owen Hill campaign is turning into a total car wreck.  And, yet, we can’t look away.  When we wrote our open letter to Owen Hill, it really was out of love.  We weren’t demanding that he get out of the race, as some have accused, but we were asking him to maintain focus on defeating Sen. Mark Udall, instead of employing a scorched earth campaign intent on destroying Republican U.S. Senate candidates on his way out.  And here’s why: we didn’t see a path to victory for him.

On Tuesday, the caucuses were held.  Nothing says grassroots quite like caucusing – it’s the essence of people-driven politics.  The results for Hill?  Well, perhaps The Statesman‘s Ernest Luning best summed it up:

And, here are some of the numbers to back up the sentiment.


It’s not just about the raw numbers, though, it’s about the sentiment.  Is the wind at your back or are you walking into it up-Hill?  As we noted with our last post – the decision to stay in is Hill’s alone.  But, Hill’s scorched earth strategy is doing long-term damage to his ability to create coalitions that will make or break his political career for years to come.  That’s not a threat, unfortunately, it’s a fact.  By all means, debate the issues, but let’s not forget President Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment.