Who is more bipartisan? Survey says…Coffman.

Friends of friends does not always make them your friend, Andrew Romanoff is learning that the hard way.  The person hand-picked by Hillary Clinton to replace her when she left her New York Senate seat, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, has given Romanoff’s Republican opponent, U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman, more ammunition in the fight to see who can be more bipartisan.  With Colorado’s CD6 being the most competitive seat in the state, if not the nation, it’s been no secret that Coffman and Romanoff are racing to see who can out-purple the other.

Coffman recently penned a thoughtful op-ed in The Hill in favor of a bill he supported to take sexual harassment reporting out of the chain of command in the U.S. military. In response, Gillibrand fired off this tweet:

Sure makes Romanoff’s baseless attacks on Coffman for allegedly far right views harder to lob.

Gillibrand constantly ranks in the top five most liberal senators, going as far to claim being the title of most liberal senator in 2011.  How far would Romanoff have to go to claim such bipartisan acclaim?  Well, the day Republican U.S. Senator Ted Cruz tweets something nice about Andrew, go ahead and toss your computer out the window, kick your feet up and sip on your favorite libation, the end of the world will be arriving shortly.