What were you doing last year Romanoff?

“…They [Rep. Mike Coffman] don’t have much to show for the last session…” are the words Andrew Romanoff uttered last night at a fundraiser featuring Howard “I’m so far left, John Kerry looks like a moderate” Dean.

Meanwhile, Coffman, the man Romanoff believes hasn’t done much, is laser focused on getting to the bottom of the disaster at the Department of Veterans Affairs which has resulted in the deaths of veterans.  Which, we guess means Romanoff believes dead veterans at the hand of an incompetent VA isn’t that big of a deal.

Here’s a video of Coffman from this session, asking how delays have resulted in the deaths of veterans a full year before the world took notice.  But, again, remember, Romanoff believes Coffman doesn’t have much to show for this last session:

Set aside the fact that Coffman passed the most legislation this past session of any other Congress member; set aside that Coffman has been praised by multiple prominent Democrats for his ability to work across the aisle; even if Coffman had not done any of those things, his fight to ensure a competent VA treats veterans the way they deserve to be treated would have been enough.

Did you catch the date of the hearing in that video PeakNation™?  March  14th, 2013.  But, in Romanoff’s skewed liberal world, a person who has fought over a year on an issue that is now making this many headlines, is a man who doesn’t “have much to show.”

Right before Romanoff speaks out of his ass on this video, he says, “we’re going to have to use the truth to out some of the lies.”  Ha, the irony, because then Romanoff goes on to spout a lot of lies to cover the truth: Coffman actually accomplished a lot this session.  How’s that for an honest conversation, Andy?