Despite the protests of Lefties, the Colorado State Division of Insurance, in an email, confirmed that the actual number of people who lost their insurance plans in Colorado was 250,000.  The news was first reported by Todd Shepherd at Complete Colorado.  Here’s an excerpt of the email from former DOI employee Jo Donlin to the Governor’s office:

We’ve received word that Sen. Udall is preparing a press release that says there were 73,000 people affected by cancelled policies rather than the 250,000 people the Division released last week.  Udall is broad brushing and assuming that because Anthem and Kaiser offered early renewals, the people who received that option after receiving a cancellation [sic] notice should not be counted.  Commissioner Salazar would like to tell Sen. Udall that 250,000 people were in fact affected by cancellation notices.  If he would like to do a press release, he can move ahead, but not everybody is choosing an early renewal and other carriers besides Anthem and Kaiser are offering such an option, but it varies. The numbers are fluid, but the firm number is 250,000 people were affected by cancellation notices, but were given several options upon receipt of the notice. [the Peak emphasis]

ProgressNow and Laura Chapin, can we put this issue to bed now?  Those are the numbers.  We understand that the numbers don’t fit within the narrative about Obamacare that you were paid to promote.  We understand, it’s hard to put lipstick on this pig.  But, alas, these are the numbers.  As for Sen. Udall, we’re not sure how he came up with 73,000.  But, is that in the running for another “Lie of the Year” award?