As we always tell our lonely single friends, desperation is never a flattering color.  The left is desperately grasping at any wisp of a positive for Udall because he’s sinking faster than the Titanic—just kidding, the Titanic actually had enough time to at least let their band play another song.

The left takes even the slightest criticism and runs with it, saying the 9News review of the newest Americans for Prosperity ad “debunked” the ad.  Debunked? Really?  Here’s the paragraph the left is putting forth from its media arm:

In fact, over 90% of policyholders who received “cancellation notices” in Colorado also got notice that they could renew their policies. Many others have signed up via the insurance exchange. It’s just not true that these hundreds of thousands of people were left without insurance by the Affordable Care Act. And then there’s the vague but alarming charge from AFP’s actress, “millions are paying more and getting less.”

Wow, can you guys seriously write that now, just after this week when Hickenlooper’s team is shown as coming out in favor of backing up the Colorado’s Division of Insurance insistence on calling them cancellation notices?  Put your scare quotes away amateurs.  As for millions paying more and getting less; yes, we understand if we were getting paid to push this pile of crap we wouldn’t want to read any ObamaScare stories either. But, our dear little ostriches, just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening to millions of Americans.  And, in fact, the Left conveniently forgets to include this tidbit from the 9News story:

This ad is pointing to real problems that real people are running into with the healthcare law, and it is fair to raise some of the complications people are experiencing with the ACA.

Just keep wishing it away, Lefties.  Maybe all the ObamaScare problems will disappear. No, just kidding, they won’t.