You’d think a campaign as well funded as liberal U.S. Senator Mark Udall’s could afford a compliance guy.  Turns out notsomuch as the campaign last month was slapped with a tax lien for failure to pay unemployment insurance to the State of Colorado.  According to the Denver Business Journal, here’s the category that Udall’s lien is listed under:

Recently filed by the state for unpaid income, sales and use, payroll or county taxes. They are recorded at local county offices. If the lien has been paid the release date will be indicated.

Whoops!  And, here’s a picture of  the tax lien from the Journal:

We understand that it’s hard to keep all these rules straight – that’s why we think there should be fewer government rules and regulations.  But, really, we can’t help but giggle when Lefties get caught up in the rules and regulations for which they advocate.

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