Some of the national political committees began announcing their fundraising numbers for February yesterday, and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee was able to boast an impressive haul of $6.8 million.  They even outraised their Republican counterparts by $1.3 million.

Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet heads the DSCC, and for those of us who have been watching him the past few years, those numbers don’t come as much of a surprise.  Bennet is well known for his ability to raise massive amounts of cash.  Rich people, like Bennet, always seem to be pretty good at getting their rich friends to give money to pet causes.   However, before Bennet pulls a muscle patting himself on the back, we wanted to take just a quick minute to look at why being the better fundrasier isn’t going to save him from humiliation in November.

If there is one thing Amendment 66 taught Colorado political observers, it’s that all the money in the world cannot make up for bad policy and a bad message.  After being outspent 10 to 1, the opponents of the $1 billion tax increase were victorious because voters just couldn’t swallow what they were being fed, even though it was with a $10 million spoon.

Which brings us back to Bennet.  He’s got a lot of turf to defend this cycle and all his vulnerable incumbents continue to be proud supporters of Obamacare.  Bennet can’t even catch a break at home – his good buddy Sen. Mark Udall keeps f*$%ing up and his former aw-shucks boss Gov. John Hickenlooper even admits that two-thirds of the people he talks to hate Obamacare.

While Bennet might be feeling good today because of his fundraising success, we just want him to remember that what he’s actually feeling is a false sense of security.  When he wakes up tomorrow, Obamacare will still be law of the land, and Udall will still have voted for it.  No amount of money can change that.