Last night, Complete Colorado‘s Todd Shepherd dropped a bombshell – a woman, Rebecca Ryan, calling Connect for Health Colorado (the exchange) directly asked an operator on the exchange whether she would be penalized for keeping her doctor on Obamacare.  The answer from the exchange?  Yes.

Listen here to the audio:

Perhaps equally as disturbing, when Ryan protests that if she does want to keep her doctor, it will cost her an additional $1,680 per year, the exchange representative offers a bizarre explanation:

Rep: …So, often, if you have a doctor that you work with, you can be picking plans that are higher, if that doctor is a more specialized doctor.

Ryan: She’s just a general family doctor. She’s not specialized.

Rep: “…some doctors, they can pay out so that they can have a plan they’re on that’s cheaper.  Some doctors, if they’re a more respected doctor, more wanted, they can have a higher premium….

So, not only can you not keep your doctor, but if you want to keep the quality of care, you have to pay more.  This is in direct opposition (again) to the claims made by Obamacare supporters. At what point will the left throw in the towel and admit that Obamacare does nothing it was supposed to do?