“I would do it again, yes.” That’s the soon-to-be famous doubling down by liberal U.S. Senator Mark Udall when asked by 850KOA whether he would vote again for Obamacare.

Listen to the audio here, courtesy of America Rising:

An excerpt from the interview:

UDALL: “So in the end we did the right thing. The law is far from perfect. My focus is making it work for Colorado.”

HOST: “So you’d do it again?”

UDALL: “I would do it again, yes.”

Is this a joke?  Did we miss the sarcasm?  Shall we revisit the harm that this ill-conceived bill has wrought on Coloradans?

1) More than 335,000 Coloradans have lost their health insurance plans due to Obamacare

2) Coloradans are losing access to their long-term, preferred doctors.

3) Coloradans are having to pay more for insurance.

4) Coloradans are having to pay more to see the doctors that their perfectly good former insurance covered.

5) Government employees are having to feel the wrath of Team Udall when numbers don’t go their way.

6) Small businesses aren’t growing.

7) Unemployed Coloradans aren’t getting the jobs they desperately need to care for themselves and their families (see #6).

Need we say more?  Yet, Sen. Udall would do it all again.  In the interview, Udall accuses his opponents of not having Coloradans’ best interests at heart.  It’s impossible to believe that Sen. Udall has Coloradans’ best interests at heart when Coloradans are experiencing severe Obamacare “side effects”.  Yet, he would put Coloradans through the wringer all over again.

UPDATE: An astute reader remembered the Complete Colorado emails that showed that, in fact, Udall’s attempts to “make it work for Colorado” would have had the exact opposite impact.  This document explains why.  The state of Colorado expressed concern that the bill would undermine CO’s health exchange and risk pools.  The Division of Insurance in Colorado seems to think that Udall’s legislation (which was really just designed to save face) was going to hurt – not help – the exchange in Colorado.