After careful consideration, we’ve decided that Andrew Romanoff is quite possibly running the most boring campaign of the year and perhaps ever.  Especially when you consider how competitive that race is supposed to be.

Exhibit A

A recent profile of Romanoff’s campaign in The Colorado Statesman details every mind-numbing aspect of the candidate’s day.  It includes useless tidbits like how he arrives first thing in the morning and brings his dog to work.  Basically, Romanoff sounds like everyone else we know with a job and a dog.  So interesting!  That kind of thing definitely wins elections.  Strategy schmadegy.

The profile also includes gushing quotes from Romanoff staff about how busy he allegedly is, and there is plenty of patting themselves on the back for working so hard.  Seriously?  For such a frenetic pace they’re keeping over there, we have yet to see anything really happen.  Are they just running circles around each other?

They’re obviously not too busy to draw illustrations on the office chalkboard.  See exhibit A.

We’ll try to give Romanoff the benefit of the doubt when it comes to his snore-fest of a campaign.  After all, he’s still trying to find his way around the neighborhood.  It’s stressful enough moving, but adding a campaign on top of that….