If things seem kind of lackadaisical at Andrew Romanoff’s campaign recently, we now at least have a reason.  This new analysis on the House races reported on by The Washington Post shows not only do Democrats have about only a 1% chance of retaking the House, but most likely they will end up losing five seats.

The most likely outcome, according to [John] Sides [at the Monkey Cage Blog], is a five-seat gain for Republicans — meaning that they would control somewhere in the neighborhood of 239 seats in the 114th Congress. If Republicans did get to 239 seats, it would be the second most seats they have controlled since the 80th Congress, which spanned from 1947 to 1949.

Ha!  Keep working your asse butts off Team Romanoff.  Your chance at taking back the house is literally next to zero.  If we were you guys, we’d also be taking all that sweet campaign cash coming in for being the most “competitive” race in America and figuring out which margarita machine makes the best blended margaritas!  “Hey, Andy, can we have a campaign office with some rooms in the back; we don’t want the donors walking in and seeing the hammocks we’re setting up.  Prices are going up at Chipotle and we want to make sure we got enough cash coming in to splurge for the guac as well. It is extra, you know.”

Plus, it’s got to be more than a little discouraging to work for a candidate so out of touch with the congressional district he carpet-bagged into that he believes the best strategy for him to win is to encourage fellow down-town Denverites to move out to the suburbs to vote for him:

Don’t worry, Team Romanoff, stock up on the edibles now and we’re sure time will fly for you guys until you can get back on ThinkProgress’ payroll in November.