Let’s just start this by saying that almost nothing should be compared to slavery.  It was a black eye in our nation’s history, it was horrific for its victims.  So, when anti-fracking panelists at a Colorado Christian University fracking debate last night compared fracking to slavery, one panelist, Josh Penry, who was speaking on behalf of various business groups, called the comparison “outrageous”.

Check out the video below at the 4:50 mark.  H/T to Complete Colorado for catching the, ahem, moment.  The gentleman who compared fracking to slavery is Weston Wilson, an employee of the Environmental Protection Agency and fractivist.

An excerpt from the debate:

“You know, slavery had a lot of economic benefits, but it had an ethical problem,” Wilson declared.

“Outrageous,” Josh Penry, one of the other panelists, interjected.

“Burning fossil fuels is an ethical problem. You can’t put under the seas Bangladesh or Micronesia because of our collective burning of fossil fuels. That’s what’s happening,” Wilson continued.

Outrageous, indeed.  #Protip: If you have to invoke slavery, one of the worst (if not the worst) blemishes in our country’s history, you’re losing the debate.