Need further proof that the fractivists’ movement is intellectually bankrupt?  Look no further than the so-called “experts” they’ve put forth in their cause.  We guess it wasn’t far enough for Phillip Doe and Wes Wilson to compare fracking to slavery last time we saw them; this time they pull out everyone’s favorite internet-argument trump card and compares those in favor of fracking with Nazis.  As The Colorado Observer reported:

The campaign over whether to ban fracking in Loveland took an ugly turn last weekend when a prominent fracktivist described former state Rep. B.J. Nikkel as a “trained talking dog” and compared her to a Nazi.

Phillip Doe, a Colorado activist involved in the Loveland anti-fracking fight, hurled insults at Nikkel in an article posted Friday in Counterpunch, a left-wing website, after hearing her speak at a rally.

“For some reason after Nikkel and her folks got done speaking, I kept thinking of Hitler’s Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels and how big lies gain acceptance,” said Doe in his article, “Lies, Damned Lies and Fracking Lies.”

Doe also referred to the “many whoppers dutifully trotted out like a trained talking dog” by Nikkel… [the Peak emphasis]

Unhinged, you are, wethinks.

As Lynn Bartels at The Denver Post points out, it wasn’t that long ago Nikkel was being lauded by the Left:

Only two years ago, the left hailed Republican Rep. B.J. Nikkel as a hero for her support for a civil-unions measure but now a “fractivist” has described the former lawmaker as “trained talking dog” and compared her to a Nazi.

This latest example is just a reminder of how tyrannically-driven Leftists are: any hint of disagreement with them, no matter your history, will result in you being painted as an extremist.  Such tactics remind us of a certain historical German political party… just kidding, only Nazis can be Nazis.

But Nikkel gets the last laugh as she rises above and points out how little credence Doe really deserves:

It’s sad for a man to call a woman he disagrees with ‘a dog” or a ‘Nazi,’” Nikkel said.

“It tells you a lot about Phil Doe and Protect Our Loveland who cannot use facts and reason but instead resort to personal attacks, scare tactics and fear-based misinformation in this campaign because they have no real facts of their own, so they sling mud in a desperate, last ditch effort.”

“They can’t even get right a simple fact like my job title right, but they expect people to trust them on the facts,” [the Peak emphasis]

Loveland’s rejection of these crack-pots can’t come soon enough.