Don’t be mad at us, Michael. You should stick to your own state.

Maximillian Potter, supposed Hickenlooper communication guru (and noted ham sandwich enthusiast) must believe any praise for liberal Gov. John Hickenlooper should be shared.  When Hickenlooper’s praises were sung in a New York Times op-ed this week, Potter made sure to tweet the link out.  Yet, he somehow failed to mention the most important part: it was written by Hick’s BFF and noted Colorado pariah Michael Bloomberg.

Bloomberg was last seen creeping in the shadows of Colorado politics last November, where, despite outspending opponents by a vast margin, his backing of a billion-dollar tax increase was defeated in a rout, losing by nearly a 2-to-1 one margin.  This shouldn’t be a surprise as only 3% of Americans believe taxes are too low.  Then again, what do we know, surely the nanny state can take better care of us than we can.  We kid.

Speaking of nanny-stating, before Bloomberg tried to convince us our taxes were too low, he was determined to take away our guns.  Surely he knew better, sitting all the way over there in New York City, whether Coloradans were safer with or without guns than we did.  Yet, much like his backing of the billion dollar tax, Coloradans soundly rejected Bloomberg’s opinion again.

Having seen that Coloradans view Bloomberg as wrong on taxes and guns, why would Potter think any words coming from Bloomberg’s mouth would be something Coloradans would welcome?  Unlike Potter, most Coloradans could care less about what is going on in New York City.  And, quite frankly, we’re tired of them trying to tell us how to run our state.  If we wanted to live in an over-regulated, too scared to frack, nanny-state dystopia, we’re sure we could use our independent western spirit to find a map and drive our asses there.  But, until that day comes, we’d rather Bloomberg learn a new trick, and finally keep his opinion to himself just once.