UPDATE: Noting that Alan Salazar, Hick’s strategery chief, retweeted the bizarre proclamation, Colorado’s gubernatorial candidates weighed in via The Colorado Observer.  Former U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo said that the tweet “seem[ed] to claim that ‘there is no Second Amendment’ and called on the governor to explain the message”, observing:

“The tweet implies that the governor looks at gun rights in the same way as [Potter] does, and unless the governor says something to the contrary, that’s what we have to conclude.”

Fellow gubernatorial candidate and state senator, Greg Brophy, said, “It’s an indication of how deeply their animosity toward gun rights and the Second Amendment goes.  I don’t think it’s a fluke that he’s the gun-control governor or that his staff is hostile to gun rights, and we get glimpses of it occasionally, like with this tweet.”

Max Potter was brought onto Governor John Hickenlooper’s communications staff as a “senior media adviser” at a time when Hick was under intense pressure due to the blow back created by his signature gun control legislation.  That makes the fact that Potter fired off a bizarre anti-gun tweet on Sunday evening comparing gun rights to “#hamsandwichrights” and “#lightbulbrights” seem like a waste of money a bit counterproductive.  Usually media specialists who work for governors don’t publicly tweet senseless and offensive messages.  #protip


While we appreciate the unfiltered glimpse into the mind of this senior Hickenlooper staffer (the governor’s office emphasized that Potter’s $130,000 taxpayer-funded salary was a “significant pay cut” from what he earned at 5280 – how classy), the citizens of Colorado don’t consider government infringement on their constitutional rights a laughing matter.  Exhibit A:  John Morse.  Exhibit B:  Angela Giron.  Exhibit C:  Evie Hudak.

While 2013 made clear that Hickenlooper is strongly anti-Second Amendment, we thought that the widespread condemnation of his gun control legislation would have dampened his enthusiasm for such ill-conceived laws.  Apparently the governor’s office is as committed as ever to restricting the rights of law abiding Coloradans.

This condescending rant from the governor’s senior media adviser shows us exactly what the Hickenlooper administration still thinks about Colorado gun owners concerned about their Second Amendment rights.