Too much of that famous French wine, Mr. Potter?  Perhaps he should have had a ham sandwich before getting behind the wheel.  (Tip: Some wine experts would pair that with a sparkling rose′.) According to 7News, Governor Hickenlooper’s Senior Media Advisor allegedly was arrested last night on suspicion of Driving Under the Influence.  Here’s the breaking tweet:

We get it, people make mistakes, and there are plenty of good people with DUIs out there.  But, the irony is rich (full-bodied, even?) since Hick’s 5280 hagiographer not only wrote a book on French wine called “Shadows in the Vineyard”, but also may have worked on the book and its publicity tour while working for the Governor.  We still haven’t figured out how Potter was simultaneously promoting this ode for oenophiles and serving as the Governor’s Senior Media Adviser to the tune of $130,000 per year.

Please note: we would be happy to work a part-time job for $130,000, and are taking any and all offers.

But, good grief, Max, you make $130,000 for a part-time job? Just call Uber next time.