The comparisons between Tom Steyer and the Koch Bros. have been rampant.  The connections between them and Colorado’s U.S. Senate candidates seem almost synchronized; each side using the same playbook against the others.  Yet, when it comes time for Sen. Mark Udall to stand on his own two feet and choose Colorado jobs over his mancrush Steyer, he is unable to.  Which makes it look even worse is when Rep. Cory Gardner has no problem lining up on the opposite side of the Koch Bros.

In a new report by Brandon Rittiman at KUSA we see, unlike Udall, Gardner doesn’t mind making his own decisions:

Rep. Cory Gardner (R-Colorado,) who is running to unseat Udall, supports extending the wind tax credit.

His campaign says he wants a temporary extension that will be phased out in the future and a plan to pay for the cost of the credit while it is in place.

That puts him at odds with some of his big supporters like Americans for Prosperity, a group with ties to the oil industry that is currently running TV ads in Colorado on Gardner’s behalf. [the Peak emphasis]

PeakNation™, regardless if you think Gardner or AFP is right in this situation, it is just refreshing to have a candidate who neither hems and haws over every hard decision, nor mindlessly does the bidding of his billionaire backer in spite of it clearly not being in the best interests of Coloradans.

Despite being the senior Senator from Colorado, Udall has almost no accomplishments to his name.  Off the top of one’s head it is hard to think of any positive memorable thing Udall has done.  Even now his campaign is pushing a faux-agenda, pu pu platter of generic, tired, old, ad hoc attacks Democrats use against Republicans when they have nothing else to run on.

That’s the bottom line: Udall has nothing to run on.  He can’t run on his 99% voting record with Obama.  He can’t run on all the legislation he has passed to help Colorado (because he has none).  He can’t run on ensuring Coloradans can keep their doctors.  He can’t even run on his eco-extremist energy record as the only place in Colorado that would win is his hometown of Boulder.  So, Udall is going to drag this race through the mud, hoping he wins a race to the bottom.  That is not the type of Senator Colorado deserves, and it won’t be the type of Senator Colorado has after election night.