The panic button has been pushed by liberal Senator Mark Udall as the most recent Quinnipiac poll has him (an incumbent) in a very bad position.  Udall must know now that his only way to reelection is to tip toe his way along a razor-thin path, where even the slightest mistake will lead to his political demise.  He’s making a hash of it.  His interview with CBS Denver this week illustrates why.

Udall’s attempt to thread the needle he needs to win reelection quickly has become quite farcical, as he tries to say everything, but ends up really saying nothing.

When asked if he thinks communities like Boulder should be allowed to ban fracking altogether, Udall replied, “That’s not really a discussion that’s been had. What I think communities want is to have a say.” [the Peak emphasis]

Thanks for the non-response that makes absolutely no sense, Senator.  Does this man have an inability to form a coherent sentence or thought right now? “That’s not really a discussion that’s been had,” yeah, because we’re having it right now, and as one of our political leaders we would really like to know where you stand on it and why.  Wethinks they call it leadership.  Oh look, here comes another punt:

Udall said there is also a way to protect public safety and gun rights.

Interesting, can we get you to expand on that and actually tell us how you would put this off, or should we all just ride around on our unicorns as we shoot rainbows out of our asses?

But Udall did save the best for last:

“You can cherry pick votes all you want… but I mean what I say and say what I mean.” [the Peak emphasis]

*Cough* (Hypocrisy) *Cough*

Cherry pick votes you say?  That’s not something you and your campaign would use in your very first ad to attack Rep. Cory Gardner now is it?

This last line of meaning what you say is the most absurd as we just got through a whole interview of you saying meaningless things.  No, we’ll stick with your own advice and judge you based on your actions of the last four years.

PeakNation™, here’s the video of the interview.  It’s even worse watching it live as you can feel the awkwardness of him as he struggles with his waffle answers.