Yesterday, it was announced American Crossroads would invest almost $10 million dollars in four senate races over the next couple of months, Arkansas, Alaska, North Carolina and Colorado.  Of that $10 million dollars, Colorado is receiving $2.3 million of it; twice as much as Arkansas and almost three-times as much as Alaska.  As Politico reports:

In their largest TV offensive of the midterm cycle so far, both the American Crossroads super PAC and the nonprofit group Crossroads GPS will go on the air in the coming weeks in states including Arkansas, Alaska, North Carolina and Colorado.

The groups have laid down ad reservations in North Carolina starting Tuesday and commercials will run intermittently in all four states between the beginning of June and the end of August.

The nonprofit Crossroads GPS, which has not yet mounted a heavy advertising campaign for 2014, will advertise in all four targeted states, spending $3.6 million in North Carolina, $2.3 million in Colorado, $900,000 in Alaska and $875,000 in Arkansas.

American Crossroads represents another large outside group who believe Rep. Cory Gardner has more than a fair shot at knocking off Udall.  This shouldn’t come as a surprise as a new Gallup poll shows that the most important issues to voters come this November have all but been largely ignored by Udall who has reduced himself to tired, old, ad hoc Democratic attacks and gimmicks:


Udall’s continued, failing strategy of focusing on so-called “women’s issues” completely ignores Coloradans main concerns of the economy and healthcare.  It doesn’t take much of an imagination to know why: Udall’s rubber-stamping voting record for President Obama’s failed economic policies (voted with him 99% of the time), and Udall’s infamous whopper of a lie that if you like your healthcare plan/doctor/ insurance that you could keep them, make it impossible for him to go anywhere those issues.  Our guess?  American Crossroads will have no such problem.