After all the back and forth about the possibility of a special session, word around the watering hole is that it has become a forgone conclusion in the Governor’s office.

For not actually having any jurisdiction over state issues whatsoever, Rep. Jared Polis has managed to throw around some serious political weight at the Colorado Capitol.  Our Democrat sources are saying that Polis underestimated what it was going to cost to get a fracking ban passed, and now he’s strong arming Hickenlooper into finding a legislative fix.  The catch is that if Hickenlooper can save Polis the millions that Polis will commit a portion of that to Hickenlooper’s re-election.

There still isn’t enough bipartisan agreement to give Hick the political cover he needs to justify the expense of a special session, which is why he hasn’t announced one yet.  But if all goes according to plan, Hick hopes to call lawmakers in for a June 9th start.