King of the Fractivists soon to be dethroned

An uncomfortable reality for most fractivists is that come this fall they will not only be taking on Colorado’s oil and gas industry, but rather most Colorado businesses in general.  In one of the proxy battles being fought before this fall, the board of the Loveland-Berthoud Association of Realtors just voted to oppose the proposed Loveland fracking ban.  As Loveland’s Reporter-Herald writes (via The Denver Post):

The board of the Loveland-Berthoud Association of Realtors voted Wednesday to oppose Loveland’s proposed moratorium on hydraulic fracturing.

In a press release, the board said “it is counter to the beliefs” of the association to support any proposition that would affect a legal right, including property, mineral and water rights.

…The Realtors said no fracking operations exist in the city now, with few opportunities in the future, and “there is no data that indicates fracking is harmful to human health, the environment or property values.” [the Peak emphasis]

With no scientific data to back their apocalyptic claims, and the country’s most stringent fracking rules already in place here in Colorado, fractivists will soon realize not only have they overreached with their ballot initiatives, but they have quickly turned themselves into pariahs with the larger Colorado business community.  Instead of demonizing the oil and gas industry, they have roused the average businessman and businesswoman whose ties run throughout Colorado communities.  Soon the fractivists’ extremist agenda will be crushed beneath the number of people, industries, businesses, and associations that line up against it.

Rep. Jared Polis, a man who foolishly just leaped into this battle, will quickly realize his side is not one of avante-garde environmentalists, who are trail-blazing a way the public will soon follow, but, are instead tin-hatted fools, who are reading signs in their “herbal-infused” tea while the rest of Colorado lives in the real world.  No wonder rumors have been popping up recently of Polis pushing hard for a small victory with which to trumpet and save face from what is quickly becoming a winless debacle for him.  No wonder Polis is saying he won’t take a stance on the Loveland ban; he’s already backing away from this foolish situation he rushed into.