Hick was protested in Longmont by environmentalists

The Montrose Press made an odd discovery earlier this week – Gov. John Hickenlooper’s event to sign H.B.14-1030 is invitation only.  According to the quick note on the newspaper’s website:

A media advisory was sent last week, but it failed to indicate that the signing ceremony is by invitation only. Gov. John Hickenlooper’s signing of the bill is not open to the public, DMEA [Delta-Montrose Electric Association] said, apologizing for the misunderstanding.

To that we say – what’s the big deal?  It’s just a bill to provide hydro-electric power?  Here’s the summary from LegiSpeak:

…In order to promote the construction and operation of hydroelectric energy facilities in Colorado, the bill provides the following incentives:

  • Section 1 of the bill requires the state electrical board to approve the installation of a motor as a generator for a hydroelectric energy facility if the installation would be approved but for the fact that the motor is not being used in a manner commensurate with its nameplate;
  • Section 2 authorizes the department of natural resources to serve as the coordinating state agency for obtaining and compiling state agency comments about an application for a license or license exemption from the federal energy regulatory commission; and
  • Section 3 incorporates community hydroelectric energy facilities into the community solar garden statute, so that a group of community members may jointly subscribe to and receive electricity from a small hydroelectric energy facility located in or near the community.

This isn’t controversial right?  Or is it?  There is some debate over whether hydro-electric power is a renewable resource.  In fact, Republicans pushed for it to be included in the definition of renewable resource this legislative session and were stonewalled by Democrats.

So, the question is – who is Hick afraid will show up at his signing?  We bet he’s worried about more criticism from the left regarding his environmental record.  After all, it would be a shame (snicker) if Hick was booed by his base, the Lefties…yet again like in Longmont, like at his State Assembly.