In what should certainly be an unforeseen twist with state Sen. Greg Brophy out of the governor’s race, two GOP governor hopefuls took to their bikes  in hopes of wooing more votes.

Former state Minority Leader Mike Kopp rode his bike 436-miles across the state of Colorado.  He started in Grand Junction this past weekend and ended in Holly after stopping in 10 towns over six days.  In what will certainly come as a novel idea to Sen. Mark Udall and Gov. John Hickenlooper, who seem more concerned about hiding from Coloradans across the state than actually meeting them, Kopp published the time and places of his stops.  Any Coloradans who wanted to meet him, could have come out and do so.

Former Rep. Tom Tancredo took to a different type of bike last week to bolster his campaign: his motorcycle.  In the ad, Tancredo tries to walk the fine line between showing he is tough enough to take on Gov. John Hickenlooper, while not being so tough as to scare away the all-important, undecided voters in the middle.  Even if the ad fails to push Tancredo to the top come primary day, it should bolster his chances at having a guest spot on the popular motorcycle gang show Sons of Anarchy; not too shabby for a possible consolation prize.