Former Rep. Bob Beauprez started a tour of Colorado today, with what liberal Senator Mark Udall may consider quite the novel idea: actually informing Coloradans of where and how they can meet you.  As Lynn Bartels at The Denver Post reports:

Former Congressman Bob Beauprez held his official campaign kick-off for governor on Sunday, two months after entering the race, and will spend the next two weeks on his “Stronger Colorado” tour.

…Here’s today’s campaign schedule. For more information check out Beauprez’s Facebook page

Oddly enough, when Udall made his own “big” tour of Colorado, a strange thing happened, he didn’t bother telling the Colorado public of any of the times they could come out and see him.  Instead, he surrounded himself with union cronies and only the most ardent loyalist.  Revealing Politics came out to see Udall, but as they show in this video, he had no interest in seeing them or anyone from the Colorado public.

Now this turtling tactic by Udall is nothing new, the press—especially those in DC—have noticed Udall has been ducking them left and right.  But how scared must Udall be of average Coloradans to pull this same tactic on them.  Sure his multiple votes ensured that 335,000 Coloradans who had a health insurance plan they liked had those cancelled, despite promising this wouldn’t happen.  And, he’d rather read bedtime stories to his puppet-master Steyer instead of creating more Colorado jobs.  He’ll say he’s all for exporting liquefied natural gas (if he can ever figure out how to legislate), but yet, won’t tell Coloradans whether he is against the de facto fracking ban initiative in Colorado.  Surely it will be a little tough to export natural gas if we can’t extract if from the ground?

If we never ventured outside of the Boulder-Denver metro corridor, we’d too believe we’d “toured” Colorado by meeting with some union members and ninety loyal Democrats spread out over seven locations before returning home to our liberal enclave of Boulder.  But liberal Senator Mark Udall was so proud of this big accomplishment, he couldn’t wait to share all these meetings on his Facebook page.

But in the end for Udall, he didn’t really care if he only met less than a ninety or so Coloradans, because now he can proudly say, “oh, I went down to Alamosa to hear what the average Coloradan is talking about, and they were saying Mark we love the job you’re doing.”  Meanwhile, the other 99.99% of Coloradans weren’t allowed to even show up to ask Udall why he voted to cancel their health plans.