Romanoff “not” accepting PAC money here

This is going to get awkward real quick.  See on one hand, perpetual political candidate Andy Romanoff (D- WhereverICanGetElected) promised not to take any PAC money; on the other hand, he’s one of five congressional candidates slated to benefit from a swanky fundraiser to be put on by former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and the PAC of current Democratic Governor of Maryland, Martin O’Malley.  Now, this whole Andy Romanoff promise of not taking any PAC money is complete rhetorical-factual, reality-fictional BS, where he just makes the PACs jump through an extra hoop of having their donors send money directly to him.  This means, come next campaign finance report, the one where he reports after this PAC fundraiser, where he still technically has “no” PAC money, reporters will be able to ask him great questions like, “did you fly all the way to Maryland’s posh Eastern Shore just to sample the crab cakes?” or “Were you in Maryland scouting out the next location for your next failed campaign?” or “Is it true Nancy Pelosi is really 237 years-old and feasts on the souls of unicorn babies to stay alive?”

Rep. Mike Coffman’s campaign certainly had a field day with this recent turn of events, as shown in their press release:

If Andrew Romanoff makes it to Congress, he’ll owe a great deal of thanks to Nancy Pelosi and her set of well-heeled left wing donors. He’ll owe it also to the very events he decries on the campaign trail in Colorado, but gladly attends out of the view of Colorado voters.

…When Andrew Romanoff last got caught for his PAC pledge hypocrisy in his failed 2010 Senate primary challenge to Michael Bennet, saying he was willing to take money from the PAC-funded DSCC, Bennet’s campaign put it best, saying:

“You cannot find better evidence that Andrew Romanoff is a dishonest, career politician than his admission that he would undermine his entire campaign platform, and presumably his beliefs, in order to win.” [the Peak emphasis]

For as long as Colorado Democrats have been claiming Andy Romanoff as their knight-in-shining-armor, we here at the Peak can’t help but feel this man is more apt at playing checkers than chess.  Then again, a man who has never won a race outside of the most urban parts of Denver, surely never considered running to the left of a sitting Democratic Senator in a decidedly purple state like Colorado could be politically fatal; he’d never known anything else.

Make no mistake about it, for all intents and purposes, this is Romanoff’s last stand.  When he loses this race, he’ll have lost two consecutive elections, and 2016 will be eight years from the last time he was in office.  He’s only a drinking-problem, some stretch marks, and a bum knee away from entering the washed-up hall of fame.