PeakNation™, if you don’t love political ads, you may want to move out of Colorado come Labor Day.  Local TV stations may soon be tempted to do their best imitations of Scrooge McDuck if the political ad buys keep flooding in like this.  Yesterday, it was reported by Politico that the National Republican Congressional Committee Independent Expenditure Unit has bought $3.3 million of airtime in the Denver area:

…the NRCC will pour more than $3 million into the race to defend Rep. Mike Coffman in Colorado. Coffman and Democrat Andrew Romanoff are engaged in a hugely expensive fight over this seat in the Denver suburbs.

…CO-06: $3,300,000 (Denver broadcast) Mike Coffman

This is more than double the amount of ad time the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is reported to have bought ($1.4M) back at the end of May.  Such a disparate in ad buys will mean Andy Romanoff will have to eat a lot more crab later this summer when he attends a fundraiser for him hosted by Nancy Pelosi, and Democratic Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley out on Maryland’s swanky eastern shore.  Sure, the optics of having a fundraiser with prominent far-left Democratic coastal elites will rub Coloradans wrong, but, let’s be honest, Romanoff can’t afford to have them here after what happened at his last fundraiser with an out-of-touch Democrat.

Then again, we here at the Peak could be reading this whole Maryland fundraiser completely wrong; Andy may be going out there for a job interview.  Having to fire his BFF campaign manager for incompetence makes us believe Romanoff will need to find a job come November.