“Dear God, Why did I side with eco-extremists?”

Sen. Mark Udall has really made a hash of his reelection campaign so far.  Worst part about it for him and his staffers?  He’s effectively painted himself into a corner from which there is no getting out.

While other vulnerable Senate Democrats have moved to moderate their extreme records in hope of fending off their doomed reelection chances, Udall decided to double down on his extremist Boulder roots not realizing what an oddity they are for the state (then again, rumor has it he doesn’t interact with average Coloradans too often).

This week, Udall will once again vote no on the Keystone XL pipeline with the absurd claim that to vote yes would be interjecting politics into the process.  But we all know the real rea$on why he’$ voting no.  In fact, with broad bipartisan coalition now in favor of the Keystone XL pipeline, a job-producing project that even Obama’s own State Department said would have no real effect on the environment, the only people left injecting politics into this entire process would be President Obama, Harry Reid, (Udall BFF and sugar daddy) Tom Steyer, and Udall himself.  Claiming his vote is against the politics of the process, when that very same vote is the definition of injecting politics into the process is like us saying we need to pass the bill to know what is in the bill.  Oops, too soon Udall?  Strike a little too close to home?

On top of the Keystone fiasco, Udall decided what Coloradans really want is higher electricity rates and more intrusive regulations from Obama in our state business.  So when Obama announced some of the most extreme EPA regulations in our country’s history, instead of standing up to him (like many of his fellow Senate Democrats did), Udall applauded and said Obama should have more power to act unilaterally.  The far Left in Colorado tried their best to positively spin this for Udall, but they could only do that by ignoring all of reality.

A poll just released last week shows how deeply unpopular the position Udall fully embraced is.  By a margin of 48% to 40%, Coloradans opposed the Obama-initiated, Udall-blessed EPA regulations.  Those opposed to it jump even higher when informed the added regulation will increase electricity rates to an astounding 55% against and only 21% for.  When it comes to Udall specifically, 54% of Coloradans are more likely to vote against him for supporting it, while only 35% are more likely to vote for him.  But, we already know Udall doesn’t care about those numbers; he only cares about the numbers on the next check he gets from Steyer.  No wonder it has become a running joke with the DC press about Udall’s obfuscation on the issue.