Liked Obamacare so much, he’d vote for it twice

The price tag of Obamacare in Colorado alone is $17 million a month in subsidies (over $200 million a year), $13 million in new taxes and fees even on those who don’t use it, a budget more than 150% higher than originally planned, and let’s not forget the $14,000 bonus we gave Connect for Health Colorado CEO Patty Fontneau.  Yet, for all those dollars and cents, they still couldn’t figure out a way to prevent 2,320 more Coloradans from losing their health care plans just since March.  If we were Senator Mark Udall, and this was what our vote for Obamacare has done to the Coloradans who will decide our political fate come November, we’d hit the snooze button on this week a few more times.

If that weren’t bad enough, the liberal eggheads over at The New York Times are growing more and more pessimistic about Udall’s reelection chances.  Even with their liberal bias, they have reduced his race to basically a coin flip.  Things have gotten so bad for Udall, the NYT Upshot Senate forecast has North Carolina Democratic Senator Kay Hagan with a better chance of winning reelection than him now.  Her state didn’t even go for Obama in 2012.  Then again, whereas Udall thinks he has a winning hand by pushing gun control, more Obama regulations, his close relationship with Obama, Hagan at least has the common sense to understand where her constituents are at.

Instead of tossing out wedge issues no one in Colorado really cares about, it’d be great if Udall could focus on the 2,320 Coloradans with newly cancelled health plans and not tell them that he’d be glad to vote to cancel their health plans again.  Of course, when you’ve already helped cancel 335,000 Coloradans’ health plans, what’s another 2,000?