The left has taken to relying on voter fraud to win elections, and the fracking fight in Loveland is shaping up to be no exception.

The Loveland Reporter-Herald is reporting that the city clerk is warning voters of fraudulent ‘ballot collectors’ going door-to-door. The article doesn’t allege which side of the debate these ‘ballot collectors’ represent, but if the past is any indication it’s safe to say the fractivists are responsible. 

One need not look farther than what happened in Broomfield’s fracking fight at the end of last year to know fractivists live by the motto “election laws be damned!” when it comes to winning.  Broomfield’s election was rife with fraud – everything from escorted voting to magically appearing ballots and conflicts of interest on the city’s canvassing board. 

Fractivists trying to impose their will on the people of Loveland have clearly learned a thing or two from Colorado’s Democratic Party: if you can’t win fair and square then break the rules.  Or in the case of Colorado Democrats, change the rules to give yourself an unfair advantage.  As Peak readers will recall, Democrats rammed through House Bill 1303 which stripped clerks of their ability to review voter registrations made on Election Day and mandated that even people without proper photo ID be given a ballot.

HB 1303 was at least partially responsible for the mess in Broomfield, and it seems that Loveland could be headed in that same direction.  Kudos to the Reporter-Herald for raising awareness about voter fraud early, now they just need to help expose the culprits illegally trying to collect ballots.