“It’d be foolish of me not to sell-out Coloradans”

Looks like Sen. Mark Udall is going to have to come up with a new excuse why he is not voting for something 66% of Coloradans want.  Even The Denver Post editorial board ain’t swallowing his lameness anymore.  Yet, despite the obvious$ne$$ for Udall’s oppo$ition (one of two incumbent Senate Democrats backed by a guy pledging nine-figures, who refuses to help any Democrats who backs the Keystone XL pipeline. Connect. The. Fricking. Dots.), they let Udall off with what amounts to a wrist-slap when he should be taken behind the woodshed for ignoring so many Coloradans:

Earlier this year, the U.S. State Department concluded that the Keystone XL pipeline would have no appreciable effect on greenhouse emissions

…That’s one of many reasons the pipeline should be built.

… So it’s disappointing to see Sen. Mark Udall, D-Colo., once again vote against the pipeline…

…Officially, Udall claims to have no position, his spokesman saying he “believes the technical review needs to be seen through to the end.” But nearly everyone recognizes that the delay by the federal government’s side is political, given the number of studies and how long this process has dragged on. [the Peak’s emphasis]

ARGH!  You were so close DP!  It’s like you guys connected all the dots on the diner’s breakfast placemat, but when the nice waitress asked you who you drew, you couldn’t recognize the Mickey friggin’ Mouse™ face staring back at you.  Just drink your chocolate milk; when we get home, you can go back to eating glue.

How many times has Udall’s spokesman said Udall “doesn’t want to interject politics into the process?”  (Hint: only every time he speaks about Keystone). It’s part of Udall’s spokesman’s talking points and should have been added to his quote above.  Especially, when the  very next line you wrote is “everyone recognizes that the delay by the federal government’s side is political?”

Not to ruin the ending, but, SPOILER ALERT: Udall has already been bought by Tom Steyer’s eco extremist dollars.  The truth is Udall couldn’t vote for the Keystone XL pipeline right now even if he wanted to.  So, when you guys continue to play dumb, by asking such gullible questions like…

It would be helpful to know Udall’s position before, not after, the Obama administration officially rules on Keystone.

…Steyer is laughing at you (maniacal bad guy cackle, of course) all the way from San Francisco, while at the same time ordering another pot of glue for you guys to munch on.