It is not uncommon for political aides to take advantage of the revolving door and cash in on their connections to power. It is, however, uncommon for them to do it right before the biggest election of their boss’s life.

Sayonara suckers!

That is why the decision by Gov. Hickenlooper’s Chief of Staff Roxane White to step down has us scratching our heads. The ill-timed announcement of their breakup comes just days after Republicans selected powerhouse Bob Beauprez to be their nominee. White’s exodus makes Hick look weak at the exact moment he needs to look strong.

Now, Hick has to worry about the domino effect of employee turnover on top of running for re-election. Rumor has it that Henry Sobanet, director of Hick’s budget office, is planning his exit strategy too. Considering White’s announcement, it wouldn’t surprise us if Sobanet (among others) accelerates his plans to leave. The loss of Sobanet, who also worked for former Gov. Bill Owens, would be a huge blow to the administration, as he is well liked on both sides of the aisle.

Having his staff jump ship right before the election, or even talking about it for that matter, doesn’t help Hickenlooper inspire confidence in the electorate. If his staff won’t stand by him, why should the people of Colorado?