And another one bites the dust.  Just as we predicted, more staffers are quickly announcing their departure from the ill-fated Hickenlooper administration.  Days after Hick lost his puppet master Chief of Staff Roxanne White, he now has to bid adieu to his mouthpiece Eric Brown.

The Denver Post is reporting that Brown has been looking for a job since at least April, which doesn’t surprise us at all.  Being a political spokesman is hard work, and when you’re boss has a hard time saying the right thing it can be a downright nightmare.

If we were Brown, we’d want to get out from under that mess before campaign season is in full swing this fall.  In fact, the timing for Brown could not have worked out better.  Especially considering that in the last few weeks he has somehow had keep a straight face while trying to justify the following incidents:

  1. Sheriff-gate during which Hickenlooper was caught on tape making false and contradictory statements about his knowledge of Colorado’s gun laws. 
  2. A compromise between Rep. Jared Polis and oil and gas companies over a fracking ban disintegrating on Hickenlooper’s watch. 
  3. Hickenlooper losing business community support to GOP challenger Bob Beauprez.
  4. Polling in the governor’s race that shows it has turned into a real dogfight and is no longer the sure thing Hick was hoping for.

It’s actually amazing that Brown lasted this long.