Wanted: Young Republican Females to Vote for Me

Oh look, another negative ad by Sen. Mark Udall, PeakNation™.  If you’re looking forward to the ads where Udall brags about what he’s been doing for the past six years that will happen shortly after the next time we see him with President Obama.  Really, at this point, the only interesting thing coming out of Udall’s camp is whether he runs faster away from Obama or his own record.  Run, Udall, run.

How desperate have things got for Udall?  An interesting story came into us from one of you, PeakNation™.  Apparently, Udall is so desperate to scrounge up votes for himself that he is now targeting young Republican females.  Yep, you heard that right, Udall is going all in that Republican girls care more about abortion issues than the fact that a Udall-enabled Obama has run this country into the ground.

As our PeakCitizen™ told our source:

A canvasser who identified herself as being from Cal-Berkley knocked on my door and asked for my college-age daughter.  My daughter is a registered Republican.  After informing the Californian that my daughter wasn’t home, I told her if she had any questions about for my daughter I could most likely answer them for her.

The first, was whether anyone in the household was on Medicare, Social Security, or Medicaid.  The second, was how my daughter felt about women reproductive issues.  That was it.  There were no other questions.  How desperate must Udall be if he’s now trying to court Republican girls?

Udall is really going all-in on this female reproductive campaign tactic.  With it not even being in the top ten for issues voters are concerned about for this upcoming election, Udall must not have anything else to run on.  A fringe campaign for a Senator who belongs more to the Colorado fringe.

His newest ad only confirms this.  Once again, Udall is attacking Gardner on women reproductive issues, which now brings the total number of Udall negative ads about women to approximately 612.  Overcompensating much?  Surely, it will be this ad that does the trick; it doesn’t matter that the previous 611 (approximately) didn’t move the needle an inch.  Anyone have a definition for insanity?

One would think for as much as Udall is pushing this women reproductive issues angle, he’d at least have the courtesy to pay his female staffers as much as his male ones, otherwise people may start to believe he is not really serious about women issues, but is just using Colorado women to further his own, male-driven ambitions.  Too bad for Udall, Colorado women are too smart to be used as a pawn by him, and won’t stand for his exploitative ways anymore come November.