In a story first reported by Complete Colorado, it would appear that Sixth Congressional District liberal candidate Andrew Romanoff is more of a child than even we imagined.  It turns out that he helped protesters chalk up the sidewalk outside of U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman’s Congressional office.  The sidewalk art was part of a misguided (see leadership above) protest by “Dreamers” against Coffman’s stance on immigration.  The only problem is that Coffman actually supports Dreamers’ path to citizenship.  From a February 2013 Denver Post article:

“At a church in Aurora on Sunday afternoon, U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman told a standing-room-only crowd of roughly 800 that he was in favor of legal status for illegal immigrants and a path to citizenship for their children.”

Perhaps even weirder, Romanoff who led this charge, has been accused (by the Latino community) of throwing the Latino community under the bus.  So, we’re not even sure where Romanoff gets the idea that he has any kind of street creds to lead a protest on an issue that broadly impacts the this community.

At some point, the art session was put to a stop by building manager Quyet Dang, who told Romanoff and his team that he would call the police if they didn’t clean up the chalk as the building is home to several other businesses.

The chalking appears to be part of a so-called march with a paltry eight to ten participants.  While Dang acknowledged the protesters’ right to speak out, he suggested they try a different approach.

According to Complete Colorado, “chalking a sidewalk may or may not be a citable offense, and the question could turn on the discretion of the officer or attorney in charge.”

But, the real question here is do we want a guy who resorts to such childish games to score political points?  Next, will Romanoff tee-pee Coffman’s house? Or maybe Romanoff could lead a protest of women looking for equal pay at Sen. Mark Udall’s office.  Tell you what, Andy, we’ll even front for the chalk.