Nancy, you were supposed to make stuff go away

Yesterday’s Politico article listing Andrew Romanoff as a “fading star” has to  be a punch to the gut for the flailing candidate.  Here’s what the article titled “House Homestretch: 5 Key Dynamics” had to say about Romanoff:

“Many of this year’s most hyped candidates may not be coming to Congress after all. Colorado Democrat Andrew Romanoff, the former state House speaker-turned 2010 U.S. Senate candidate, was once regarded as his party’s biggest recruiting coup. Now he’s widely seen as the underdog in his quest for a suburban Denver-based seat.”

One of the biggest problems with Romanoff is that he simply is too extreme for the moderate district.  Whereas Romanoff was nasty and partisan in his debate performances, Coffman has a proven track record of reaching across the aisle from his “No Labels” membership to working with uber-liberal Sen. Kristen Gillibrand to take military sexual harassment charges out of the chain of command.

But, that’s just one reason that Romanoff’s campaign is sinking.  Coffman is reaching out to under-represented groups as a Congressman, like African and Asian immigrants. Coffman’s constituents know that they can count on him to represent them responsibly.

As for Romanoff, his hyper-partisanship and immaturity leave voters wondering if he’ll just leave them holding the bag.  In more ways than one.