Sen. Mark Udall’s campaign has turned into a national joke.  On CNN today, a panel of national reporters mercilessly mock Udall’s response statement to President Obama’s speech last night.  John King starts it off with more than a hint of can-you-believe-he-actually-said-this tone in his voice:

John King: Listen to this statement last night after the President’s speech from Mark Udall…  “I will not give… a blank check to begin another ground war in Iraq.”  An interesting statement except the President has said repeatedly… he will not put boots on the ground. [the Peak’s emphasis]

That’s right Colorado, Udall is so feared by Obama and the White House that Udall and his campaign feel the need to release a statement telling Obama that Udall will not allow him to do something Obama has said repeatedly he will not do and never had the intention of doing.  In other news, Udall has released another statement saying he will not allow Sweden to invade Norway, nor will he allow Rep. Jared Polis to vote Republican, nor will he allow McDonalds to raise the price of a Big Mac to $45.  Thank goodness Coloradans have Udall to defend us!

The bigger question to us in Colorado is whether Udall issuing useless statements is a step up or a step down from his usual useless tactics of writing letters or taking credit for what other people accomplished.

It gets better.  The folks at Foxnews CNN weren’t done mocking Udall quite yet:

Peter Hamby:  Mark Udall has been trying so hard to run away from the President on so many things… The other day in the debate he said, “I am the Senator that the White House fears most when they see me marching across the White House lawn [all other panelist laugh].

Nia-Malika Henderson:  [laughing] That is not true.

Hamby:  That is hilariously wrong, and not true.

King:  Poppycock, I believe, is the correct term.

Hamby:  Mark Udall doth protest too much. [the Peak’s emphasis]

PeakNation™, we know it is only Thursday, and we still have a day to go, but after CBS4’s Shaun Boyd ripped Udall a new one yesterday, and after Udall was reduced to being a punchline on CNN, we think it is safe to say, Mark Udall won the title of Worst Week.