"God, why don't people take me seriously?"

“God, why don’t people take me seriously?”

PeakNation™, do you know why Sen. Mark Udall can’t stop speaking about women’s uteri?  Well as national reporter Fred Barnes tells it, that’s because he’s been able to accomplish nothing in the Senate recently.

Last week, panelists over at CNN couldn’t laugh hard enough mocking Udall when he claimed he was the one Senator the White House feared the most.  Sorry Udall, you’ve been watching too much Breaking Bad; you are most definitely not the one who does the knocking in D.C.

Now, when Barnes is under pressure and needs to think of the perfect example of a Senator who has done nothing, it is Mark Udall who instantly springs to his mind.  Barnes can’t spit out Udall’s name fast enough.

What kind of punchline has our senior Senator turned Colorado into?  A man so impotent in office, he mostly brags about the letters he’s written, and the mountains he’s climbed.  A man who has so few accomplishments during his time in office that his campaign is reduced to nothing more than a barrage of ultra-negative, ultra-cynical, ultra-dour ads aimed at reducing women to nothing more than single-issue voters.

The video below clearly illustrates how Colorado is badly in need of a Senator who can fight for us in D.C.:

“You know what hurts them more is Harry Reid has hurt a lot of these incumbent Democrats because he has not let the Senate do anything, so they’ve accomplished nothing.  Mark Udall in Colorado is one.  What can he say [he’s] done in the Senate recently?  They haven’t done anything.  He can’t claim anything.”