Is that Udall and Gardner working together on the flood recovery?!  Old man Udall must have memory problems.

Is that Udall and Gardner working together on the flood recovery?! Old man Udall must have memory problems.

Sen. Mark Udall’s campaign reeks of desperation.  One year after standing with his fellow, bi-partisan, Colorado Congressional delegation, he has now aired two ads politicizing the tragedy of last’s year floods.  It’s only a matter of time now before he issues a statement where he says one of those who died last year in the floods would agree with whatever Udall was doing.

His latest sleazy attack ad, has him all but claiming his opponent, Rep. Cory Gardner, was commanding the rain to devastate Colorado last year ala Fantasia.  He completely ignores his own complicity in any Government shut-down, as the House of Representatives sent bill after bill to a Senate that refused to even vote on any of them.  The shutdown was not something Gardner voted for, but instead came about through Udall’s complete indifference.  As Brandon Rittiman says in his latest 9News Truth Test:

“As far as the flood recovery goes, it’s very misleading to say the government shutdown hurt response to the disaster.  No Federal workers stopped responding to the floods…

The Udall can point to all kinds of articles featuring people worried about what might happen if the shutdown kept going but to argue that it had a measureable impact on flood recovery is deceptive

[This ad] crosses the line when it accuses Gardner of messing up flood recovery.  The ad vilifies Gardner for that which is in stark contrast to the political cooperation we saw back when the floods actually happened. [the Peak’s emphasis]

When Coloradans are looking for a Senator who shares the same concerns as us—jobs, the economy, getting America back to work—Udall chooses to run a campaign that can only be called the largest smear campaign in the history of Colorado, devoid of any substance whatsoever.  Before this campaign, one could buy into the façade of Udall, that despite disagreeing with him on issue after issue, you could still think of him as man of integrity and principal.  He has completely destroyed that.  He has revealed himself to be a cynical man who cares more about himself than anything else.  There is nothing too low for him and campaign to stoop to as long as it gets Udall back to Washington D.C.  Udall has turned into the type of man who would reduce a city to rubble as long as he was the one in charge of it.

Coloradans need to remember, it’s not Gardner who is afraid to defend his record in front of any and all.  It is Udall who is running scared like a coward from any public debates on the major networks, debates that would give the most Coloradans the greatest chance to see the contrast between the two candidates.  If Udall is so sure that Gardner’s record is too toxic to run on, then why won’t he put Gardner to the sword in as many debates as possible?  The answer reflects the type of man Udall has become.