Sen. Mark Udall’s phobia of televised debates is well-known throughout the Colorado media and press now.  What Udall’s cowardly act is hoping to achieve is that the general public in Colorado never sees moments like this:

Cory Gardner: [Sen. Mark Udall], you told a constituent recently in Alamosa that fracking keeps us “locked into the old system.”  What did you mean by that?

Mark Udall:  





[Literally, a full eight seconds go by before Udall even begins his response.  If this was a prize-fight, Udall just got knocked on his ass and is trying to clear the cobwebs, as he gropes around the ring trying to find his mouth guard.] [the Peak‘s empahsis]

Udall then compounds his mistakes in this answer by having the audacity to think Gardner would toss such a damaging statement out there absent any proof:



[Eight seconds of dead silence is an eternity in a debate]

I don’t know who this constituent was.  I’ve not seen this report.  You’ve had an interesting tendency in this debate Congressman of pulling facts and statements out of the air.

Gardner:  We’ll get you the statement. [the Peak‘s emphasis]

Enter The Washington Free Beacon who is more than happy to share with us audio of Udall saying exactly what he claims not to have said, going as far to accuse Gardner of lying (40-second mark):

It’s no wonder that Udall, his campaign, and all the dark-money, outside liberal groups have enacted what can only be compared to a prevent defense in football.  Hoping that by vastly outspending Gardner and Republicans on the air (aren’t Democrats always the ones that bitch about money in politics?), and not allowing Udall any more contact with Colorado voters than necessary (no trackers, few debates, only one televised one) they can run out the clock.

But, as the state that John Elway calls home, every native knows in the fourth quarter you play to win, and not just not to lose.  Run and hide Udall, Colorado is coming to hold you accountable for the past six years.