UdallDivideThe self inflicted wounds of embattled Senator Mark Udall are really starting to fester as we head into the home stretch of the campaign.  In addition to Udall coming down on the wrong side of big ticket policy issues, our senior U.S. Senator is also poised to lose reelection because of his habit of following people such as Jared Polis and Zane Kessler, executive director of the Thompson Divide Coalition, over the cliff of environmental extremism.

Udall signed a letter on September 17th claiming oil and gas producers cause extreme weather events and that industry polluters threaten communities. A few weeks before, the stumbling Senator told a group of constituents that hydraulic fracturing keeps “us locked into the old system.”

And while on a fundraising swing through Aspen, Udall teamed up with the Thompson Divide Coalition (TDC) in Carbondale for an opportunistic pep rally, cheerleading legislation banning oil and gas drilling in the backyards of his largest donors. The TDC is one of the most outspoken environmental activist groups on the Western Slope, whose goal is to cancel existing leases and “secure permanent protection from oil and gas development on Federal lands in the Thompson Divide area.”

Udall’s obstruction of the naval oil shale reserve; his pandering to extremist of the Thompson Divide Coalition, and his “no” vote on the Keystone Pipeline show a senator walling himself off from rural Colorado, and reelection, one brick at at a time.