Mark Udall PPVIt’s no surprise that it’s all hands on deck to help bail water on liberal U.S. Sen. Udall’s sinking campaign, but this door-hanger from Planned Parenthood Votes, an issue committee based out of New York City, was just too good to pass up.  There are so many issues with the piece, that it’s hard to pick which issue to review first. Aw, what the heck, let’s dive right in.  There are at least four issues with this piece to the right.

1) It’s widely reported that Udall has done virtually nothing in the U.S. Senate over the past almost six years, so to say he’s “working hard” for Colorado’s families is a stretch.  Additionally, his allegiance to radical, out-of-touch environmental groups puts him squarely at odds with Colorado’s middle class, who rely on the cheap energy that energy development in our country would provide.  Udall’s backers, like Steyer, have consistently said that they don’t care that their policies may increase energy prices.

2) Oh, Planned Parenthood.  Must you make us write this post again?  Ok, if you insist.  This piece of crap literature says that Udall is working hard to ensure women are paid the same as men for the same work.  Here’s what we reported when Fair Share Colorado sent around a flyer with the.exact.same.language last month:

First of all, we reported in April that Udall paid his female staffers 82 cents for every dollar his male staffers earned, which is far less than his opponent, Cory Gardner, pays his women. In fact, Gardner pays his women $1.04 for every dollar his male counterparts make.  His staff roared that but, but, but, context…senior staffers…whatever will stick…. Fine, then, the question becomes why are all your senior staffers men?  The office couldn’t find qualified females up to senior level staff jobs?  We highly doubt that.  But, charity begins at home.  Either pay your women better or trust women in leadership roles.

Next, what Fair Share is describing above is actually already a law, but thanks for trying to pass it again.  According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission: “The Equal Pay Act [of 1963] requires that men and women be given equal pay for equal work in the same establishment.”

3) Planned Parenthood Votes claims that Udall is fighting for healthcare decisions without government intervention.  Surely, they jest.  Udall was a huge sponsor of Obamacare, which has placed the federal government squarely between women and their insurance plans and women and the doctors.  We seem to recall a “Lie of the Year” that Udall embraced that said that “if you like your plan, you can keep your plan” – this applies to women, too.  Unfortunately, nearly 350,000 Coloradans have lost plans, forcing them to renew with higher premiums and/or different and unwanted coverage.  Or what if a woman likes her doctor?  Well, because of Obamacare, many women are receiving notices that they can’t keep the doctor they liked either.  This claim is just farcical.

4) Finally, we get to the fact that it’s not the Rocky Mountain chapter of Planned Parenthood that’s sending out these Lies, Damn Lies.  It’s a group out of New York City.  Groups in New York City haven’t fared all that well in trying to meddle in Colorado politics.  See Bloomberg.

All in all, this piece is eye catching with the pink (isn’t every woman’s favorite color pink????), but its claims are far from true.