RomanoffWith how vicious and sleazy Andrew Romanoff was in The Denver Post debate, his internal polls must be horrible.  Whereas, Rep. Mike Coffman gave another steady, thoughtful appearance, Romanoff had a noticeable jagged edge to him.  He must know this race is slipping away.  Should the question not so much be who will win in CD6 (because it’s looking more likely to be Coffman), but will Romanoff even match the vote totals of Joe Miklosi?

In a debate that mostly treaded water, with neither candidate revealing anything new, Romanoff’s testy performance makes us wonder here at the Peak should his campaign manager worry about their job security tomorrow?  Romanoff has a history of making heads roll when another one of his political opportunities flounders.

Coffman on the other hand has a more than solid, bipartisan record on which to stand, having worked successfully across the aisle numerous times in this session alone.  Wethinks, Romanoff’s desperation comes from the fact that when he loses here, he will be marked with the scarlet, political ‘L’ hampering all of his grand plans to be a professional politician the rest of his life.  With yet another loss attached to his name, and a liberal record that may be too far left for even Boulder, Romanoff might face his worst nightmare come the day after Election Day, that he might actually have to get a real job.

Sorry Andy, at some point all Lost Boys have to grow up.