"You shut up about my dad or I'll make you!"

“You shut up about my dad or I’ll make you!”

After having spent the last few months and millions upon millions of dollars to make Rep. Cory Gardner sound like he’s just barely better than Ebenezer Scrooge pre poltergeist, Sen. Mark Udall is now up in arms because, wait for it, Gardner had the audacity, wait for it—we can’t actually believe Gardner would stoop this low—to say Udall’s father once ran for President.  OHHH! Do you have some aloe Udall, because you just got burned!

Yep, PeakNation™, Udall flew into an apoplectic rage when Gardner’s new ad said Mo Udall once ran for President.  Um, does Udall have such a dim view of politicians that he reacts to this so-called insult with as much indignation as a normal person would to their father being called a puppie-punting prick (we repeat, we are NOT— definitely NOT— calling Mo Udall a puppie-punting prick.  If Udall reacts so strongly to his dad being called a Presidential candidate, we can only imagine he’d hunt us down and strangle us with his strong, mountain-climbing grippy hands if we even dared to think such thoughts).  Here’s what Udall had to tell The Denver Post’s Lynn Bartels:

This race should be about who can better represent the great state of Colorado, not personal attacks on our families. So, to see Congressman Gardner decide to go after my late father and members of my family in a negative ad. That’s just low…

Folks loved my dad [Sob], I loved my dad [Double Sob], and that isn’t gonna change no matter how personal and negative Congressman Gardner’s campaign gets [breaks down crying]. [the Peak’s play-by-play]

Chris Hansen, Gardner’s campaign manager was having none of it as he told Lynn Bartels:

“This is rich,” Hansen said. “For six months Sen. Udall has done nothing but wage the nastiest campaign in America and now he is upset that we are calling him a nice guy? Mark Udall has been in Washington for so long and is so partisan that he can’t even take a compliment when it comes from the other party.” [the Peak’s emphasis]

How dare Cory Gardner say such factual things like Mark Udall is in the Senate with two of his cousins?!  How dare Gardner state the fact that Mo Udall ran for President?!  That is such a low and dirty blow!

And, just so everyone knows for sure, to the extent of our knowledge, Mo Udall never punted any puppies.

How low can this race go?!