"DGA, you treat me so right" -John Hickenlooper

“DGA, you treat me so right” -John Hickenlooper

We don’t know which Colorado “non-politician” politician is trying to skate by on technicalities more:  Andrew Romanoff (D- Suitcase) and his claims of not taking PAC money, or Gov. John Hickenlooper claiming he won’t run any negative political ads.  We’ve already covered the former; as for the latter, well, it’s awfully convenient for Hick to have been the second in charge of the Democratic Governors Association just last year, a group who will be spending millions of dollars on his behalf to run negative ads for him.  If Hickenlooper is so committed to run a campaign free of negative ads, surely he might know one or two people over at DGA that he could contact to take down these negative ads…

Not only is Hypocrite Hick disingenuous with the people of Colorado when it comes to no negative ads, but the negative ads that the DGA is running for Hick are probably the most egregious of the many political ads Colorado has seen so far (though, if the rumors are true, we’ll soon see one about Mo Udall punting puppies).  The latest one is so bad that Kyle Clark at 9News can’t even wait for Brandon Rittiman’s segment before criticizing it, saying:

“Brandon Rittiman explains why Hickenlooper’s allies have gone too far in their latest attack ad.”

Man, you know it’s got to be chock full of lies if the anchor is weighing in… On to the highlights!

“This is a deeply deceptive claim, relying on a misleading headline…  This [new claim] is unfair.  Beauprez hadn’t owned a piece of the company for four years and hadn’t held a position there for nine… Bottom line, this ad uses deceptive tactics to mislead you into thinking Beauprez was caught up in some kind of banking scandal.  He wasn’t!  He ran a bank, advocated in Congress for the government to take it easier on small banks, and made money when his bank sold to a bigger company.  The truth just isn’t as sensational as the bogus story in the ad.” [the Peak‘s emphasis]

We’ll leave the last word to anchor Kyle Clark as he pulls off the impossible where his criticism is louder than his tie:

“Boy, Brandon sliced and diced that one, didn’t he.”

To go from claiming you are running a negative-ad free campaign, to allowing your closest allies to run that ad is like going from advocating prohibition to keg stands.  Typical Hick, doesn’t want to get his hands dirty, so he makes everyone around him do the dirty work instead.